AI Drug Discovery Specialised for Cardiovascular Disease   

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Knowledge Integration 
AI driven collation and analysis of highly fragmented datasets to form the industry's most representative and holistic cardiovascular metabolic pathway maps

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Database Development 

Data integrated into CardiaTec's proprietary Cardiosome* database, for targeted analysis and integrated pathway modelling

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Drug Discovery 

Leveraging AI for target identification and novel drug discovery to deliver the next generation of therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases

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Precision Medicine

Transforming current one-size-fits-all approaches to personalised and effective medical intervention 




Namshik Han

Co-founder, CTO

Head of Artificial Intelligence at Milner Therapeutics Institute, Associate Faculty at Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine, University of Cambridge.

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Raphael Peralta


Co-founder, CEO

BSc Biology, MSc Biotechnology & MPhil Bioscience Enterprise, University of Cambridge, with previous experience in life science project managment & Consulting. 


Thelma Zablocki 


Co-founder, COO

BSc Bioengineering & MPhil Bioscience Enterprise, University of Cambridge, with previous experience in life science VC & Consulting. 


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